Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo Exhibition in Hong Kong

2013 starts of with a BANG

Some of my pics of Sick Of It All from last year's Ieperfest will be shown in a photo exhibition in Hong Kong celebrating the band's first ever appearance in China!

Are you around somewhere by accident???

...never thought, my pics would ever be on exhibition; and not in the world I'd ever thought about China... stoked! Truly a worldwide community.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Such Gold, Major League, Smile and Burn

18 Jan 2013 - Hamburg, Hafenklang

xhighfivesx is NOT dead!

...and it's 2013

It's been quiet around here.
Some pretty exiting events in my private life had me take a little break... ...and BAM!, it's suddenly 2013... But this site is far from being dead!
Expect frequent updates with new photographies from now on. First up in 2013 will be Such Gold's show in Hamburg, Friday night. 

...just a teaser; pics will be up soon!
takecare - Tobi